2018/11/12 – West Highland II

Let’s take a walk. Starting at where West Highland Creek’s Dorset Branch meets the Scarborough RT, and heading downstream. The Dorset Branch is small when it’s not raining. Access is kinda there, made difficult by fences. Headed southeast. Fall colours still hanging on somewhat.

Through the Meadoway, which may provide great links one day. From here, a big culvert under Midland Ave, then things get tight and overgrown. Another great example of a potential trail, just needs some maintenance.

This is tough on the ankles. Either you walk along the concrete bank, or through potholed overgrowth.

Pretty stoked to get this walk done, this is setting up for another future Metroscapes walk that will cover 3-4 lost rivers that are tributaries of the Dorset Branch. Already passed two confluences, access is maintained to them.

At Brimley, the ravine opens up, and we get some formal trails.

Paved trail downgrades to a well beaten footpath. But looks like the TRCA is counting users. A sensitive upgrade would be welcome here.

The TRCA completed some restoration work along here some time ago, and now that vegetation has regenerated, it looks great. Hats off, we need to fund more projects like this among many more of Toronto’s ravines.

The beginning of an oxbow pond. The confluence between the Dorset Branch and the main branch. Good ol’ corten steel bridges.

Meandering to Markham Road, and then thwarted by golf again! Bane of my walks.

Access is restored at Cedar Ridge Park. Lengthy switchbacks down the slope back to West Highland Creek. Golf course still hogs the south banks, but it’s hard to stay mad with the wonderful scenery.

Bridge. Meander. Bridge. Confluence.

When I moved back to Toronto, I started regular walks. I only started tweeting about them in 2016, and even then, tweets were sporadic. I started Metroscapes in 2017. So I’ve had a few moments of deja-vu to old hikes today.

Where the trees climb over the trail, and the creek has a couple braids

Reddish browns of fall hanging on, with highlights of yellow. Significant replanting happening in this stretch of the lower Highland Creek. Cabin in the woods.

Erosion issues are very apparent in this reach. There is some more replanting here though, hopefully it helps. Ending this walk at Military Trail.

Date: November 12, 2018
Length: 15.3 km
Type: Riverine

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