2018/02/05 – Scarb Utility II

Taking advantage of the day out. Northwest of Lawrence East station, I pick up on the ‘Dorset Branch’ of West Highland Creek. There are many branches in this watershed, in lieu of unique ‘x creek’ names.

The Dorset Branch must be flashy. A large, fenced-in stormwater pond, then channelized with weirs.

The creek follows a former hydro corridor. There’s no overhead lines anymore, but it provided space for creek improvements. It does become naturalized for a short stretch.

Eventually the Dorset Branch hits a CP Rail line. On the other side, it completely disappears and is lost, buried under some commercial lots, and then a little residential development.

The creek goes under the 401. The former hydro corridor meets with another, the latter now used for a gas pipeline. The sign makes it sound like it could come up and bite you. Doesn’t deter anybody, the path is well-trodden, even with recent snowfall.

Other than an odd stormwater management pond, this corridor is not very wide. Space was only spared for the pipeline, and the rest had houses built upon it. Nonetheless, it’s used as parkland and has good neighbourhood connections.

More stormwater management ponds serving a branch of West Highland Creek, and other recreation parks do occasionally open the corridor up.

North of Finch Ave, one corridor intersects another. Hydro lines from the Finch Hydro Corridor actually branch off here, and the north-south corridor widens up to accommodate the towers.

Last light of the day. Past Bamburgh Circle, the corridor comes to the top of the city and into York Region. That ends the walk.

Date: February 5, 2018
Length: 12.1 km
Type: Utility

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