2018/02/10 – Finch Hydro I

Here goes nothing. Heading west through the Finch Hydro Corridor.

Tough slog through the deep snow. The lines fly over Black Creek.

Through a field of snow where they went overkill on the waste bins. Highway 400 is a barrier requiring a detour. Also going to guess there’s at least 20 cm here.

The corridor comes to a transformer station and takes a turn to the southwest. Two underpasses along the way.

Down into the valley, where Emery Creek meets the Humber. Massive 3 hectare stormwater management pond system. The hydro corridor flys along in the distance.

Humber Valley looks absolutely beautiful in this snowfall. Pictures will not do it justice.

The snow is deep, I’m forced to zigzag on intersecting roads. Passing over Berry Creek into industrial commercial Rexdale.

It’s not all barren grass. The corridor flies under a GO station, and provides space for a parking lot.

Change of tack for the end of the walk. Over to another hydro corridor to the west, over the 409, and past a convention centre.

Date: February 10, 2018
Length: 16.6 km
Type: Utility

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