Toronto was where #metroscapes started. It was initially retracing my childhood steps, and something to do while my partner worked weekends. As I became more familiar with the lay of the land, it evolved into a hobby of learning and discovering Toronto’s ravines, parks, trails and open spaces.

This is now an archive of my adventures and discoveries there, between 2014 and 2019, albeit with a new walk here and there. It is still a current and relevant resource that you can refer to at any time. Use the links below or the navigation bar at the top to explore further.


A map of over 100 walks, with links to a series of pictures and descriptions for each one.



A map of the 6 watersheds that cover Toronto, and the watercourses within them.


A map of the 200+ neighbourhoods of Toronto.


An analysis of Toronto’s shoreline, and whether access is public or private.


A profile of Toronto’s 11 current and 2 former hydro corridors