DSCN4408My name is Trevor Heywood. I moved to Toronto in 2014 and started spending many weekends hiking the city. My travels started retracing faint childhood memories in Toronto’s amazing ravine system. But they also started traversing into the urban cores, local neighbourhoods, vacant areas, utility corridors, and the other spaces.

I took pictures along the way and documented my walks, and shared them on social media. Eventually, it came into sharp focus that this was a passion of mine, and it became the basis for Metroscapes.

Metroscapes is a site where you can find a photographic and written record of the walking environment in a city. I trace creeks existing and lost, soaking in nature and highlighting the barriers. I travel riverbanks and lakeshores, getting as much access as possible and lamenting portions closed to the public. I parallel highways, railways and utility corridors to measure the distances between the accesses across them.

Toronto is where this all started, but it is now in the midst of expanding to other cities in Ontario. It’s a source for everything about where our natural and built environments collide.

If you have any suggestions for future walks, information to add about past walks, or any general questions and comments, please feel free to get in touch.

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