When you live in a larger city, you will likely share some banter with others who also reside there about local comings and goings. In that conversation, you may rattle off some names of certain areas of town, common names that have been claimed by the locals in that area, are rooted in history, and/or are simply a play off of certain streets or features. It is a neighbourhood (or a district) of town.

Maybe you know every neighbourhood in your town. Maybe you only know a chunk of them. And maybe friends and family that visit you from out of town know a couple themselves. But usually, a comprehensive guide or map is hard to come by, or doesn’t really exist.

I set off to make one for Toronto, with some success. At least I had plenty of resources to go off of, given its size, population and age. As I explore other metroscapes, I will work to do the same.

These are not authoritative master documents, unless you agree with me 100%. But I think the chances are higher that someone will have grievances with a name I’ve assigned, or where the dividing line lies. Perhaps just take it as more of a rough guide.

Explore Your Local Neighbourhoods