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Explore this site’s foundation: over 2,000 kilometres of walks across Toronto, the Tri-Cities, Hamilton and Guelph.


Read about current issues affecting metroscapes, the latest website developments, and thoughts on improving the public realm.

Recent Activity

Hamilton Mainline

Paralleling GO Transit’s Lakeshore West / Niagara line through downtown Hamilton.

Blog Post
Yellow Creek & the Spark

Reflecting on two metroscapes walks that basically inspired my style, and this site.

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Oakville Sub

Following the GO Transit’s Lakeshore West line from the west to Union Station.

New Project Page
Guelph Riverbanks

A deep dive on the public/private ownership and access to the banks of Guelph’s 2 major rivers.

More Guelph Projects

Hanlon Creek

Exploring Hanlon Creek and its multiple associated tributaries, woodlands and wetlands.

New Project
Railways and Highways

Analysis of the railways and highways corridors cutting through the urban fabric.

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