Exploring where natural and built environments collide.


Explore the foundation of this entire website. Over 1,500 km of walks exploring metroscapes in Toronto and the Tri-Cities.


Take a deep dive into the geography of local metroscapes: shorelines, neighbourhoods and hydro corridors.


Read about the lay of our current metroscapes, and open your mind to how theycan be improved.

Recent Activity

Three Tributaries

Two tributaries of Schneider Creek, and one creek that goes straight to the Grand.

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Blog Post

Metroscapes begins expansion to a third city, with new walks, projects, and challenges.

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Laurel Creek

One of the major Grand River tributaries going through the heart of Waterloo.

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Hamilton Hydro

With the expansion to Hamilton, I have completed analysis of its 14 hydro corridors.

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Fergus Spur

The first half of CN’s link between Cambridge and Hamilton. Interrupted by heat.

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Hamilton Shoreline

The shoreline project finally gets extended; a breakdown of public / private Hamilton shoreline.

Toronto’s Shoreline Project