Exploring where natural and built environments collide.


Explore this site’s foundation. Over 1,750 km of walks exploring metroscapes in Toronto, the Tri-Cities, and Hamilton.


Take a deep dive into the geography of local metroscapes: shorelines, neighbourhoods and hydro corridors.


Read about the lay of our current metroscapes, and open your mind to how they can be improved.

Recent Activity

Groff’s Mill Creek

A small creek that provides drainage for much of industrial-commercial Hespeler.

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Blog Post
Crossing the Line

A city-wide analysis of Toronto’s highways and freeways, and their impact on walkability.

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Victoria Hydro

Following two east-west hydro corridors in north Kitchener and south Waterloo.

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Project Page
Toronto Watersheds

An update to Toronto’s watershed map to match the Tri-Cities’ style.

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Parkway Hydro

Hydro corridors running parallel to Highways 124, 401 and 8 from Cambridge to Kitchener.

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Project Page
KWC Watersheds

A map of major subwatersheds and watercourses, another extension of a Toronto project.

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