2018/09/22 – Mimico II

Good morning from Malton GO. I’ll be heading southeast from here to follow Mimico Creek.

Paul Coffey Park. Confluence between West Mimico Creek and the main branch, right at a former fighter jet that was built in Malton. Lots of baseball and tennis being played early on a Saturday morning, especially at a park where you see and hear departures screaming out of Pearson.

Had to push through super thick brush to get to Goreway. Here, Mimico meanders by the Union Pearson Express spur and into a culvert under the 427. It smells like cereal out here.

Smell transitions from cereal to paint thinner to compost. Mimico Creek goes under Carlingview, and this will be the last I see it for a while. It goes through some fenced off brush, under the 409, through a golf course, and into the 401/427 interchange.

Park ‘n’ Fly lots along the detour. An aviation themed eyewear place broadcasting landing clearances from Pearson. A strip club that’s…also aviation themed, right down the street from Hooters. A Coffee Time. All just metres from an active runway.

Around the spaghetti interchange, and down the west end of Eglinton. Finally meet Mimico Creek again, and can walk alongside it using the West Deane Trail.

Natural meander. Plenty of greenspace. Neighbourhood connections. Paved and unpaved trails. This is how a creek corridor should be.

More good stuff.

The good stuff lasts until Kipling. Thwarted by a sprawling golf course.

After the golf course, Mimico Creek goes under the intersection of Dundas and Islington. Big culvert covers it up on the southwest corner.

Back in parallel, punching under infrastructure corridors to Bloor.

Date: September 22, 2018
Length: 17.9 km
Type: Riverine

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