2018/09/05 – Leslie Headland

Rehashing some steps in the Portlands, and checking out the head of Leslie Spit and Ashbridges Bay. First stop: Cherry Beach. Flags are green, water is warm.

I went along Unwin last time to check out the Hearn. The waterfront trail cuts south of it, through brush. Doesn’t touch the water for a bit, has to get around a marina, part of the 10% of Toronto shoreline that is restricted from walking for boating. But you get there.

Trail comes back to Unwin, and over the intake channel to the Portlands Energy Centre. A new trail connection continuing east along Unwin is currently being built. For now, I’m continuing along the headlands of the spit. Nice view of the Hearn, more restricted shoreline by a marina.

Hot meadows, the lake is providing little relief from the heat as there’s no breeze. Eastern Shore trail is closed too, so it’s a long walk up the asphalt road.

Leslie Barns, complete with viewports. Lakeshore Boulevard sans planned expressway. Stand of mature trees destroyed to stage construction equipment, all for upgrades to deal with human crap. But they sure saved that flagpole!

Woodbine Beach, on the east side of Ashbridges Bay.

Date: September 5, 2018
Length: 6.9 km
Type: Shoreline

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