2018/08/05 – Little Rouge

Good morning from the Bob Hunter area of Rouge Park.

Little Rouge Creek. This will be the watercourse to follow downstream. It’s the main major tributary of the Rouge River.

The trail is kinda short-lived. Takes you to Reesor Road. Walking down the shoulder, opposing traffic, and running across Steeles back into Toronto proper.

Woodland Area. I took a trail that entered the woodland. It was a dead-end, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t the formal trail. Backtracking.

The formal trail has its breaks, but quite a few chunks are exposed. Not as woodlandy as expected.

Little Rouge is babbling away. Woodlands encountered.

Not the Hillside I’m familiar with. Top of Meadowvale Road, unrecognizable from its south-of-Sheppard counterpart.

Things get hilly. Across a choked tributary of Little Rouge.

The plateau just southwest of the old Beare Road landfill. Great wetlands created, but no shade on the trail. The heat is becoming oppressive.

Really getting into the south part of the park now. Been here before, although it was winter, so it’s kinda new.

Thicker brush, shady refuge. It’s a huge relief.

Twyn Rivers. No formal crossing across the road. Lots of people here, trails were pretty quiet up until this point.

Down in the river valley, and then a steep incline followed by a fairly straight and open plateau. Heat and exhaustion are weighing me down, took this stretch slow.

Final descent to the creek side. Going around and underneath Kingston Road shows you Little Rouge’s confluence with Big Rouge.

Date: August 5, 2018
Length: 15.0 km
Type: Riverine

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