2016/11/26 – Mimico I

Walking along the Humber and a south Etobicoke hydro corridor today.

Over 15 years later, signs of Metro Toronto still linger.

Bents! Not of the Gardiner either.

Hydro corridors. Toronto’s large and largely forgotten parks.

Back to Islington and Bloor, and the Etobicoke Creek.

Man. I keep thinking this walk is going to be too interrupted, but I keep finding ways to forge ahead!

Okay, things got dicey. Barely squeezed along the east bank here. Toes may have gotten a little wet.

Made it to Humber Bay Shores. Gotta finish here. Hungry, tired, and losing light.

Date: November 26, 2016
Length: 11.7 km
Theme: Riverine, Hydro

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