2017/03/12 – Lower Highland and Shore

Beautiful sunny day for a walk. Even if it is cold. Chickadees are singing like mad out here.

Green! Eating lunch like a king.

Huge pipe carrying drinking water over creek water.

We have a lot of ongoing erosion issues that are only going to be exacerbated by climate change.

There’s no beating Mother Nature. It’s eating away at the trail, a new path around it will be required.

Bridge crossing over a Highland Creek tributary, under the bridge for GO Transit’s rossing to the lake. Beach day!

Not the kind of hot tub you want. Steam rising from the Highland Creek Treatment Plant.

That was freaky. Wandered from East Point Park into here. Wasn’t sure if I was allowed in there, but didn’t see any signs, and I got out.

Okay back to being concerned about erosion. How long before this path into Grey Abbey Park is lost?

Final look back where I came from.

Date: March 12, 2017
Length: 5.4 km
Theme: Riverine, Shoreline

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