2017/04/29 – Progress / Morningside

Departure point. Arrival Point.

Progress Avenue does not seem to have progressed much in 50 years.

Despite being restored, East Highland Creek still looks trashy, and has no access. Earth Day didn’t help much here.

Sleepy commercial park across from lush recreation park.

Another creek, this time East Highland’s Malvern Branch, is also shunned with no access. Bold yellow “No Dumping” signs abound. How do you love and appreciate something when you can’t be with it?

That’s better.

It’s surprising what you can find by poking around in seemingly inaccessible and abandoned areas. Though I’m sorry to report a snail massacre.

“DANGER: KEEP AWAY” from the watercourse transformed from a natural babbling creek into a sewer with destructive rage during rainfall.

Okay. This I have not seen before. Sits at the edge of an old railway berm that’s now a trail. Still a backwater + and barrier to wildlife.

Flow of the creek just stops.

Date: April 29, 2017
Length: 11.8 km
Theme: Riverine

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