2018/06/23 – Ontario Place

Good morning from Sunnyside. We’ll be checking out the Toronto shoreline from here, east to Ontario Place.

West to the Humber River, it’s completely open for public access. There’s a few private clubs interrupting things east, but the open spots are nice. Also, getting mobbed by red-winged blackbirds.

After a couple more interruptions (and more conflict with the blackbird population), things open up again and calm down for good east of Jameson.

Magnificent views from the west side of Ontario Place. A truly enjoyable metroscape.

Down the cut and onto the island. Really does feel like a slice of Ontario.

Trillium Park is just great, I can’t gush over it enough. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is something two premiers can point to as their legacy in Toronto.

Inner channels. Lush green. Rain coming in.

I’ve been around the perimeter of the West Island a couple times, but this is my first time checking out the now-abandoned West Island. Got into a tree fort and everything. What a treat!

There’s just something appealing about abandoned, overgrown areas.

More west end views. Again, what a treat.

Retracing my steps a bit. Atlantis walkway is open.

Capping the walk off at Coronation Park.

Date: June 23, 2018
Length: 9.9 km
Type: Shoreline

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