2018/06/16 – West Bluffs

Good morning from East Queen East, aka the southwest corner of Scarborough. I’m checking out the cliff edges of the western Bluffs.

Right off the bat, a huge hill into the former Fallingbrook Ravine (bit of a hint to a lost river). Then a big detour around a private golf club. First real Bluffs view occurs at the foot of Warden.

Isolated parkettes where building houses wasn’t feasible, or was done and condemned due to erosion risk. The local streets in-between provide lots of mature tree cover.

Harrison Properties and McClain Gardens. Both are a treat.

The Bluffs are gorgeous. They remind me of my trip to USVI many years ago.

Scarborough Bluffs Park. Everybody knows the amazing view from the bluff toe, the marina, and the beach. The tablelands are something else.

The road to Scarborough Bluffs Park? Yep, another lost river. Another creek still kind of exists to the east in Barkdene Ravine.

Two more ravines, but not much to see in-between the houses. Bluff access is pretty privatized in these parts.

Date: June 16, 2018
Length: 13.5 km
Type: Shoreline

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