2018/03/24 – Shoreline III

First walk since daylight savings kicked in. Heading down Ontario Street to walk across Toronto’s harbourfront.

They will apparently build a ‘smart district’ here. I’m not convinced yet.

Continuing west from Sherbourne Common. Apparently the new waterfront promenade to the east still isn’t ready, continues to be fenced off.

Sugar Beach. It may be cold, but no wind + sun makes for a good early spring beach day. Sugar factory. The remnants of industrial operations. There’s also remaining evidence of the freight tracks that once lied here. But all in all, still requires a wall.

Pier 27 and the ferry dock. A good private space, and a public place that needs improvement.

Harbour Square Park. Great little quay, my lunch spot during the summers of 2011 and 2012.

Sundial Folly is probably my favourite Toronto sculpture.

Harbourfront Centre. Quieter today than usual. Much improved by converting a parking lot into public space.

Mind the gap. Would be nice to bridge these eventually.

The home dome, easy to hear when the Jays hit a homer. Another Quay beach, different coloured umbrellas. More views of the Toronto shoreline and the metroscapes.

Spadina Quay. Includes a wetland and music garden. There are also some underwater relics.

Bathurst Quay. Featuring probably the most haunting sculptures in Toronto. Ferry dock.

Around the ferry dock and to the edge of the spit.

Splitting from the shore. Head into The Gore. A lighthouse where the streetcar loops.

Date: March 24, 2018
Length: 14.6 km
Type: Shoreline

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