2018/03/10 – Bonar and Superior Creeks

Tracing two mostly lost rivers in Etobicoke today, Bonar and Superior Creeks. Let’s start with the former and see what we can see.

Street-side rail spur. Interesting. No signs of Bonar Creek in industrial Etobicoke though.

This recreation park was likely where Bonar used to run. There’s also many ditches and drains on the local streets to handle runoff. But still no signs of a creek.

Sometimes hydro corridors retain creeks. Nothing here though.

Bonar Creek is still so lost. It isn’t surprising though, we’re so close to Mimico Creek that it was probably fairly easy to put surface drainage into sewers and redirect it straight east. The local minima in the landscape are out of whack with Bonar’s former path.

Grand Avenue Park is set to expand. No plans for daylighting that I’m aware of.

And here it is, folks. The first and only sign of Bonar Creek: its confluence with Mimico Creek.

Quite a meander to Mimico Creek here. Erosion control is definitely a challenge.

Across a great deal of shale. Following Mimico Creek into Humber Bay.

It’s a little more dreary out here compared to a week ago. Sunshine makes a world of difference. Nonetheless, looping around the perimeter of Humber Bay Park’s western spit.

I see my next objective, Superior Creek, from across the bay. After detouring around the marina, which occupies most of the western shore of the peninsula, I meet the confluence. Let’s see if this is any better than Bonar.

More hints as to where this creek used to flow, the elevation and parkland makes it easier to trace a path.

Hints are fewer and farther in-between. Truly becoming lost now. Hit a wall. Over the highway we go.

Superior Creek used to flow parallel to the Queensway and the Gardiner, between Islington and Kipling. All hints are gone, this is completely lost.

I’ve come full circle.

Date: March 10, 2018
Length: 19.6 km
Type: Riverine

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