2017/06/24 – East Highland I

Beautiful day to explore some metroscapes, but off to a rough start. Faced off with red-wing blackbirds in a mushy meadow with no path.

Finally, solid strips of asphalt.

Pano L’Amoreaux. Long L’Amoreaux. This hill offers some great views of the hydro corridor.

Hydro tower nuclear family.

Here’s my ultimate target: where East Highland Creek’s East Branch is lost north of the Finch Hydro Corridor. I’ll be tracing it south. It’s more of an urban drain than a ravine, but I’ll take it.

Paths become beaten up. The creek continues its saunter through concrete channels.

Confluence of East Highland Creek’s two branches. Very LA-esque.

Concrete continues, with more green as you go. Eventually it’s triple culverts right to the 401.

I returned to Birkdale Ravine. Had to cut my last walkabout along here short because I got heat exhaustion. This time, my battery and my legs forced the walk’s end.

Date: June 24, 2017
Length: 18.0 km
Type: Riverine / Hydro

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