2017/09/09 – Wilket Creek

After a busy August, I’m back to weekend walks. Today I’m following Wilket Creek.

K. I’m *trying* to follow Wilket Creek. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is doing some major realignment work to address erosion risks. Gotta detour.

We return to your regular scheduled programming.

Edward Gardens. It’s something else. Wilket Creek flows through manicured gardens and over falls.

Trail is cut north of Lawrence Ave. You thought there would be publicly accessible park space behind the Bridle Path?! After detouring around mansions, I come back to a trailhead. You wouldn’t know it at first, this stairwell is tucked out of sight at the end of a street stub.

At York Mills and Bayview Ave, Wilket Creek becomes a lost river. It follows this linear park with storm and sanitary sewers.

The linear park gives way to a street leading to a dead end. “Legacy Court,” with gated mansions on top of the sewered creek. How rich.

Date: September 9, 2017
Length: 10.4 km
Type: Riverine

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