2019/01/26 – West Don III

It’s a sunny winter morning. I’ll be going up the West Don, starting at Yonge Street. Well, not much of a start. There’s construction going on along the shore at Yonge and York Mills, before it goes into the Don Valley Golf Course.

Now this is usually where I get frustrated because there’s a golf course, and I gotta go around. But the Don Valley Golf Course is city owned, and is open to walkers during the winter. Woot!

Absolutely beautiful out here. The fact that this public land is restricted to fee-paying members to play a single sport is criminal. Open it up!

Earl Bales. An unrestricted sport use. Snowmakers are making an awful racket. Under Sheppard and into the thick wood.

Through the Hinder Property to the Carscadden Greenbelt. The West Don is flowing strong, only tempered by a dam.

I went from a wide open golf course, to a road-trail, to this thick footpath. I welcome it. There’s no hint of city hum, aside from the slight din of air traffic. Chickadees are singing, ducks quacking, West Don gurgling.

Outdoor education, should be mandatory in the curriculum. Through the thick wood some more until Finch. Got a little turned around by a fenced in area, but made it out.

G Ross Lord Dam (which always seems like a backwards name). Great views here.

Around the point, back to the dam, and across the hydro corridor. A bit of a detour to get back into the ravine.

Back in the Dam Park, the growth in here is stellar.

The sun is getting low as I cross the city border, but at least it’s brighter than last time I was here. Under the CN mainline towards Highway 7.

Under the Glen Shields bridge, which thwarted me last time. Into the 407 corridor. Dead vegetation on fire.

Under the 407 to the 7. Final shots as the light fails.

Date: January 26, 2019
Length: 16.5 km
Type: Riverine

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