2021/03/14 – Conestoga 8/7/85

Good morning. I’ll be taking the day to follow more Kitchener-Waterloo expressways. I’ll start where I left off last time at Fairway, going north along Highways 8, 7, and 85 up to Waterloo’s north border. Let’s go.

Up the 8 towards the fork. The east side is dotted with motel access driveways. New residential coming. Only access across is the Franklin overpass.

Vacant parcel adjacent to a back laneway. More excessive fencing keeping folks off public property.

At the fork, where the ramps go between the 8 and 7/85. There’s a parallel trail taking you past some woods here, some nice public space. Thankfully it’s not closed this time.

Across / past the Montgomery Creek headwaters, and along a parallel sidewalk to Ottawa Street. Through a hole in the noise wall to an local street in the Rosemount neighbourhood.

Expressway side trails, they remind me of Toronto’s Allen Road a bit. Thought it would end at Krug, but a nice surprise as there’s a backyard right-of-way. To the Victoria Street interchange.

Big detour to get over the Kitchener subdivision, then a tromp along Riverbend Drive and Guelph Ave where there’s no sidewalk. Big cavern of an underpass, and a glimpse of a semi-lost river, buried by the expressway.

Not much to see between Guelph Ave and Lancaster. Brings us to the Waterloo border, where the expressway lights change from amber to white.

Skinny trail next to a noise wall, doubling as a crash wall. Another pleasant trail through an adjacent woodlot. Apparently these woods didn’t get the memo we’re heading into spring.

Bridgeport to University is a long road with walls. There’s no direct path due to private property, and the University interchange is taking an eternity to walk around. Gotta check that I’m not in purgatory.

Through sweeping suburban streets to the back of a school. A trail dips down into a valley, until condo construction forces you to Lexington. Would be cool to see a through trail here.

A small little trail off of Lexington, then no sight of the expressway until King Street south of Conestoga Mall. Through an industrial area to Northfield.

Final stretch, along Kumpf Drive next to Forwell Creek. To the end and across the border into St Jacobs. This marks the end of today’s walk.

Date: March 14, 2021
Length: 21.4 km
Type: Railway / Highway

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