2021/01/03 – Victoria / Beechwood Hydro

Good morning. A lovely snowy day for a walk. I will be following some hydro corridors again today in Kitchener and Waterloo. Fist one starts at a transformer station near Victoria Park, and parallels Henry Sturm Creek to the west. Let’s go.

The corridor shares space with the creek until Lawrence, and then deviates north and up a hill. Nice winter vista at Filsinger Natural Area.

Through some arching overgrowth. Meeting back with the creek briefly at its confluence with Detweiler, and then we deviate away again to Victoria, where it parallels the road past Monarch Woods.

On the north for a short while, then back to the south. Doubles as a drainage and stormwater management area. Lots of shrubs. Eventually we reach Ira Needles, where the corridor ends at the Detweiler Transformer Station, a massive distribution point in the regional hydro network.

My previous walk went along the corridor intersecting this transformer station north and south. Massive jumble of lines I call the West Trunk. But I missed a small stub that juts into Wilmot Township, past the landfill. I’m going there now.

This corridor cuts into the Petersburg Regional Forest, also part of a hiking and biking trail network (mostly targeted at the latter) known as The Hydrocut. Just here to document the hydro though, a quick snap towards the city limits, and then I’m doubling back to the next corridor.

After walking north for some time, I finally arrive at the next hydro corridor, Beechwood. This is a short corridor that branches off of the West Trunk, and heads east through a local park and forest.

A peak and roll down hill to the transformer station, where the lines end. I gotta end this walk early, so that’s all for today.

Date: January 3, 2021
Length: 15.6 km
Type: Utility

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