2020/04/07 – Galt Spur

Good afternoon. I’ll be checking out the CN Galt Spur and all of the other spurs off of it.

This spur of the Spur, the first east of Hespeler, sets the tone. This stretch south of Sheldon was ripped up long ago, but the scars remain.

This leg has lots of switches and nowhere to go. The factories hum and there’s junkies in the bushes, but no activity on these tracks.

The main Spur continues east. It’s in rough shape, and it’s clear from the overgrowth that it doesn’t get much use. Truck killed the railway star.

An interesting spot here. The tracks were definitely oriented to help trains climb the grade. Not sure the next time it will happen, or if it will at all. The 20cm tree trunks suggest it’s been abandoned for a long while.

This third leg (I skipped the second) east of Hespeler climbs to a peak between Sheldon and Bishop, providing a nice vista of the city, before sloping back down to a derail. That’s the end of the line for today.

Date: April 7, 2020
Length: 6.0 km
Type: Railway / Highway

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