2020/04/02 – Galt Sub

Good afternoon. Going to take a short walk, tracing Canadian Pacific’s east-west mainline through Cambridge, known as the Galt subdivision. It crosses the east city border near Clyde Road, I’ll only follow it from where it crosses Elgin and Mill Creek, heading west.

There are surprisingly few crossings. Franklin and Dundas are the two “modern” ones. Other bridges (Mill Creek, Beverly, future ION Stage 2, Water) are quite old, and narrow too.

Towards Dundas, things open up into a yard where it comes to a junction with the Waterloo subdivision. This serves local freight needs up towards Fairway, and also acts as an interchange with Canadian National. Tracks are slowly being ripped up, but it still has traffic.

The old Galt Railway Station, now a house for maintenance workers it seems. Also leads to Galt Collegiate, which has a performance area in the shadow of the railway.

The massive bridge over the Grand. West of the river, trains do an S-bend before heading out of town. This marks the end of this (relatively) short walk.

Shots from the way back.

Date: April 2, 2020
Length: 5.8 km
Type: Railway / Highway

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