2020/03/21 – Cambridge Hydro

Good afternoon. Great day to take a walk and shake off some pandemic cabin fever. I’ll be following the Cambridge hydro corridor, we’ll start where it meets the Galt Transformer Station at Franklin. Let’s go.

This corridor actually enters Cambridge east of Little’s Corners. But up until Avenue Road, it’s private property and a closed landfill. Then a path takes you to some great open space (although the playgrounds are closed). “Northview Heights Trail”; yep there’s a climb.

Reached the heights, and what a lookout! I thought the name was making a mountain out of a molehill, but it’s a proper description.

From the heights, a gentle descent along Conestoga Boulevard. Some stormwater management ponds sit here.

Conestoga Boulevard becomes a kind of technical boulevard, with two roadways separated by a grassy centre. Bit of an industrial twist to it: one side is an arterial road, the other is a service road, boulevard carries the hydro lines.

The hydro corridor bends through a commercial shopping plaza and a highway interchange before connecting to the Preston Transformer Station, west of Hespeler Road. This is where we end today’s walk.

Date: March 21, 2020
Length: 6.4 km
Type: Utility

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