2019/09/29 – Riverside Park

A little tour of Riverside Park in Cambridge. It’s on the Speed River, by the Riverside Dam, but I want to check out a couple other features on site.

There’s a smaller watercourse that is technically a mill race cutting through the mid to north side of the park. Sulphur Creek is a potential name. Down at King Street, it just west of P&H Milling. Tracing it upstream, it crosses under the rail line and the drive that go around the park. There’s an online pond past Rogers Drive.

The watercourse continues up, flanked by tall trees, before meeting up with the Speed at the head end.

Continuing up (north) to check out what seemed to be another watercourse flowing from the 401, turns out it was a pretty sizable wetland, all traversed by boardwalk that leads to a bridge over the Speed. Quite the spot.

The wetland vegetation changes from inundated trees to talk shrubs and grasses. A hydro corridor intersects, then loops back to the front gate.

Date: September 29, 2019
Length: 4.0 km
Type: Riverine

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