2020/07/07 – Fergus Spur I

Good afternoon. Despite the heat, I’ll be following Canadian National’s Fergus Spur this afternoon. It parallels Canadian Pacific’s Waterloo Subdivision and King Street before turning northeast towards Guelph. Starting at Concession Road. Let’s go.

So somewhere around Dundas and Hespeler, the CN and CP tracks meet; that’s the south terminus of the Fergus Spur, while CP keeps going to the Galt Subdivision. But CN seems to be abandoned here. Overgrown, some crossbucks removed. Trail opportunity?

Looks like my trail suggestion has been informally taken up already. Found a derail at Dolph Street, which tells me they’re not up for going south of there for the medium term at least. But between here and Eagle Street, there isn’t any business to serve.

North to Eagle Street, which is as far as I know CN uses the spur. They usually have a couple units idling in a siding west of Witmer Street.

No real way to follow the tracks north of Eagle. I wanted to try to follow an old CP right-of-way that was south of the CN spur, but a) a local temple gobbled some of it up, and b) tunnel under the 401 was filled in during the highway expansion. So gotta go via the Speed River Trail.

The old CP right-of-way still exists as a trail north of the 401. One last glimpse of the Fergus Spur before tapping out; it’s way too hot. Will package the remainder of the spur for a future walk.

Date: July 7, 2020
Length: 9.0 km
Type: Railway / Highway

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