2020/06/06 – Idlewood

Good afternoon. Going to take a short walk following Idlewood Creek. We’re starting at that point (the confluence) and going upstream. Let’s go.

Trails along the lower reach of the creek are the product of newer subdivisions. Houses up on the tablelands, trails set back from wetlands in the lower riparian zone.

Subdivisions get older, and trail gets closer to the action. Plenty of crossings and neighbourhood connections. Creek is flowing steadily.

Now things get difficult. No direct trail, diverted to the street and around swampy stormwater management ponds. It’s more about local neighbourhood connections than providing a regional thoroughfare near the creek.

Back again. Across, and eventually in parallel with the creek. Forests get thick, trees tower above the trail.

Across a little bridge and to the street. No trail west from Old Chicopee Drive, gotta go around and use the hydro corridor to get back. Takes you back into the woods.

These are the headwaters of the creek. After zigging and zagging for a bit, we come back to the street, marking the end of the day’s pursuit.

Date: June 6, 2020
Length: 8.0 km
Type: Riverine

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