2020/05/30 – Forbes Creek

Good morning. Taking a short jaunt along another Speed River tributary in Hespeler, to the north. Passing by the Hespeler Dam, there’s an outlet that might be part of another lost tributary on the south side. Anyway, onwards.

Here’s our target: Forbes Creek. Just north of its confluence with the Speed, it’s crossed by the Speed River Trail and the Fergus Spur.

Upstream, much of Forbes Creek is surrounded by wetlands. This forces the trail on the east side to meander around the pockets.

Around a pocket and back to the main channel ponds. Brings you to Black Bridge Road, where the Creek continues north out of Cambridge’s borders.

Across the top and back downstream, on the west side this time. You really start to see how rich these wetlands are.

Stellar views of the ponds on this side.

Back across the creek, and down to the confluence. That’s a wrap for today’s short jaunt.

Date: May 30, 2020
Length: 5.6 km
Type: Riverine

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