Exploring Metroscapes: Announcing a Change in Direction


Metroscapes has historically been a bit of a personal soapbox of mine, a place to vent about transit and other city issues. The posts were usually fueled by concerns or frustrations over Toronto issues. So the content was usually negative, sometimes repetitive, and as of late, sporatic.
However, I have been doing a lot of storytelling through my Twitter feed as of late. It is now a regular hobby of mine to spend my Saturdays exploring corners of Toronto (and sometimes a bit beyond the border) that I haven’t been yet. These usually involve Toronto’s ravines and the infrastructure within, across and under them, but it can also bleed into the concrete jungle, or get deep into the thickest of the intact natural areas.
It has actually been an enlightening exercise. I have much greater clarity about my passions in life, and what I want to do with my life: simply put, I like wandering around, exploring natural and built environments, and the intersections between them.
I am a nomad with a passion for exploring Toronto’s metroscapes.
With that in mind, I have been sharing these experiences on Twitter, through threads of tweets and pictures. But my tweet-stories can be limiting through the 140 (or now, 280) character limit, the battery life of my phone, and how much I don’t get around to tweeting. They can also be hard to find after a while, if you can’t remember key words or names.

The solution: I will be making future blog posts about my weekend adventures or common features between them. I will expand on what I see and do, doing additional research on some items, taking action on issues I come across, and sharing more of the pictures I take along the way.

I will be doing this for past walks, and going forward. Looking forward to sharing my metroscape adventures with you.


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